7 Hidden Signs Your Child Might Have Autism

In childhood when the babe was between 2 and 3 years old, this autism does affect around one in 100 people. It is more likely to appear with boys than with girls. Especially for this period, it may change. It could happen maybe even earlier. This is exactly what people need to detect autism as soon as possible.

people who have no or even a little experience in medicine could not make the right diagnosis only those who have maybe more than 10 years of experience could afford treatment of this autism. This is exactly why you need to avoid some stuff, which you doubt.

In the next paragraph, I will start talking about the top symptoms that any baby could have autism.

7. Trouble Maintaining Eye Contact

Many people like to maintain eye contact so that they recognize faces and try to listen and pay attention to what the speaker says. In addition, try to interact with others. For normal kids, it is the same thing. Nevertheless, when it comes to those who have autism. It is a very different thing.

because they could not talk to strange, people or even to adults who know them well. They could not respond to people who smile at them even by calling them by their right name. If a kid in your family shows this, you have to evaluate him as soon as possible.

6. Avoid Attempts at Social Interaction

Kids who have this kind of problem prefer to isolate themselves from people even from their peers, they could not play with them at school or social events. They are extremely introverted and everybody knows that they are not normal. Their parents may suffer a lot because they saw their children as if they are handicapped since they act in different and weird ways. Unfortunately, those kids show a huge sign of autism.

5. No Babbling or “Baby talk.”

When your children just started learning their native language. When he says his first words and makes false sentences, using the most common word. He has not the confidence to express his ideas and say what he wants. By the way, the first syllables are very adorable. Generally, the first words that kids say are Hello. All this happens when the kid has less than 1 year old. In addition, generally at this period kids cry a lot. However, if your kid does not cry at all and does not show make any sound which is not normal then you should bring him to a doctor.

4. Does Not Point or Gesture (To show interest such as waving hello or goodbye)

Psychologies are highly believers in pointing. They know that gestures show what ordinary people try to hide. It is the same thing for children as well. When kids do not act like their peers. These kids’ parents will become psychologies. They should follow them notice what they do all the time (what they hate, what they love). However, unfortunately, most parents make a huge mistakes. They interpret what their kids do as wrongs why instead of trying to be near them and trying to solve the
problem. Because it can be a symptom of autism.

3.Struggles to Communicate

One of the biggest symptoms Toddlers who have autism show is difficult communication. We could not hear them well. In other words, we could not interpret or even understand them sometimes.
These people are maybe with spectrum dysfunction do not have the pleasure to stay around their peers.

2. Repeating the Same Actions or Behaviors (Known As “Stimming”)

Another common thing most parents notice about their kids with autism is repeating the same action many times a day. Or playing with the same stuff for months without talking to anybody even if this person is from his family.

1.Difficulties in Socializing (Not engaging or communication with other kids )

Most children with autism often do not engage with their peers. They could not play with them and enjoy life as they. They are a little bit serious. In addition, they seem to strange people like they have a ton of responsibilities. When they have a huge problem, they may not demand an assistant from adults even if they know them. They want to do things with their hands

As I told you some of them maybe show all these 7 signs but others may just show a few or even one. But you need to visit an expert doctor to make a diagnosis for your children, the earlier, the better.